Racine Paranormal Investigators

Welcome to Racine Paranormal Investigators

Founded on June 27, 2014 in Racine, WI.

RPI consists of multiple members. Our investigations are based on experience and knowledge to provide help and understanding for people who are experiencing paranormal activity. With each investigation it takes us to a history that is waiting to be told.

Some of our investigations have consisted of parks, businesses and private homes.

Are you experiencing unexplained noises, feeling of being watched from the shadows? Interested in finding out for sure what maybe happening, fill out our investigation request.



The team went to The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2016! Ron was ecstatic that Katrina Weidman from the show Paranormal Lockdown was there! She even gave him an autograph! We even met these cool people from Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics!


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We did another photo shoot with the awesome Jeff Burdick! Thanks so much!

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This is from our first photo shoot with Ron, Diane, Katie, and Scott. It looks awesome!


Looking for some EVP’s.


Ron, Katie, and Diane wear their RPI gear.


Call into our show on facebook if you have questions, concernes, or your own story to tell. Stay tuned for upcoming shows


Looking for evidence.


Some of the team after the movie The Conjuring 2.