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Intelligent Haunting: This type of haunting is the one most people relate to when it comes their knowledge of ghosts and haunted locations.  An intelligent haunt is when a spirit will interact with the living.  This can also have a poltergeist haunting associated with it.

Residual Haunting: This type of haunting is when an imprint of highly energized emotions, good or bad, have been saturated by the environment and stored in minerals or wood found in the foundation of the location.  It will never interact with anyone.  It tends to happen at the same time of day or month when the episode first occurred, never resolving itself.

Poltergeist Haunting: “Noisy Ghost”- This type of haunting takes place when a spirit tries to interact with individuals.   A spirit may open and close doors, closets, or even cabinets as well as, move objects or bang on the walls.  This type of haunting is usually associated with an intelligent haunting.

Demonic Haunting: An inhuman entity that has never walked this earth and has the ability to latch on to a location, person and even items and its sole purpose is to harm those who are particularly weak minded and those who carry a lot of negative emotions.  This type of haunting can be severe to all involved, including a paranormal team.  Many times these entities manifest after the use of Ouija boards or séances.   We do not recommend the use of either form of these types of communication.


Class A EVP:
A clear and distinct voice or sound that is universally accepted and undisputed, because it must be understood by anyone with normal hearing and without being told or prompted to what is being said or heard.  It can be heard without the use of headphones.

Class B EVP:
A voice or sound that is distinct and fairly loud.  This class of voice is more common and can be heard by most people after being told what to listen for.  It is usually available to experienced persons who have learned the skill of listening to EVP’s.  It can sometimes be heard without the use of headphones.

Class C EVP:
A faint and whispery voice or sound that can barely be heard and is sometimes indecipherable and unintelligible.  It may have paranormal characteristics, such as a mechanical sound.


A celestial being which appears in human form with abilities such as healing powers and knowledge of future events.  Angels typically appear to people in times of crisis.

An unusual event that does not fit a standard rule or can be explained adequately through scientific theories.

The form of a ghost or spirit either seen or captured on by photograph or video.

An angel of high rank.

The energy associated with living people.  Hauntings can at times tap someone’s aura for energy leaving the living person tired.

Automatic Writing:
Process by which an individual writes without conscious thought.

Benign Spirit: 
A spirit that is harmless or has no ill-intentions.Clairvoyance:
The ability to see things, people, events from the past, or be able to read someone’s aura.

Process to remove spirits

Cold Spot:
A small area where the temperature is cooler than its surrounding area, an entity draws energy from the area in order to manifest.

Find evidence that a claim of paranormal activity is not due to paranormal activity, but another reason.

Inhuman entity

Demonic Haunting:
Relatively rare phenomenon, but are typically severe events for all involved.

A person with deep faith who pursues demons in order to remove them from people’s lives.

Disembodied Voice:
Is a voice that is heard with human ears whose source comes from someone without a physical body.

A double of a living person created by energy, or the astral body of a person appearing to someone outside of their physical body.

The action of using a pair of rods held in the hands to located energy sources that may be paranormal in nature.

Electromagnetic Field Detector: 
A device used to measure data on electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP): 
Voices and sounds captured on audio recorders that were not heard by human ears at that time

Empathic Abilities:
The ability of some people to feel the emotions a paranormal entity gives off.

The process or ritual where prayers are used to drive out evil entities or spirits from a possessed person or a place.

Fear Cage:
A phenomenon where very high electromagnetic fields, usually in a confined location, caused panic to set in as the high EMF promotes uneasiness, paranoia, anxiety, and fear. The high EMF can be the result of faulty wiring or appliances or electronic devices and appliances.

A recording of the energy of deceased people.

Paranormal Investigator:
A person who attempts to gather evidence of paranormal activity.

Ghost Lights: 
Are strange forms of light that appear in locations that have no logical explanation.

Events, energy, and strong feelings or emotions that are left on an object, a location, or even a specific person.

An entity who preys on women.  It is thought that the incubus attempts sexual intercourse.  Many report the feeling of being pinned down to a bed; however, sleep paralysis commonly occurs and can easily be mistaken for this type of entity.

Infrared Digital Thermometers:
A device used to monitor the presence of cold or hot spots that occur during paranormal events.

Intelligent Haunting:
A haunting caused by a spirit that is aware of its surroundings and is aware of the living.  They can answer questions and move things.  Most intelligent hauntings are just trying to get your attention about something because they have something to say or have unfinished business.

Malevolent Spirit:
A spirit who has ill-intent.

The phenomenon of the mind to complete a picture that is not there.

One who can communicate with spirits.

A spherical shape captured by a camera that is usually light in color.  Many believe an orb is an indicator of paranormal activity.  This may be true; however, any natural floating item (dust, bugs, moisture, pollen, etc.) can produce a reflection from a camera’s flash and result in an orb.

Anything that is impossible to explain or understood in a scientific manner.

The study of paranormal phenomenon.

German word for “Noisy Ghost” Known to either move, open or close objects.Portal:
A location where spirits can enter the physical realm.

The entry of a spirit or entity into a human host, willing or unwilling, in which the spirit or entity controls a person’s functions.

A person who claims sensitivity and can communicate with the paranormal.

Religious Provocation:
The process in which prayers, holy water, crucifixes, or any religious relic is used to make an inhuman entity make its presence known in order to expel it.

Residual Haunting: 
Trapped energy that has no awareness of its surroundings or you.  These can be noises or a vision of a spirit that replays over and over like a recording.

Shadow Figure:
A paranormal apparition which appears as a black mass, that most often taking the shape of a human figure.

The ability of a paranormal entity to assume the form of another person, mass or animal.

The essence of a person or animal.

The soul of a deceased individual that remains in the living realm.

A spirit that sexually assaults men.

A vortex is an area with a cold/hot spots, electromagnetic anomalies, and an increase in paranormal activity.

White Noise:
A repetitive sound, usually static, used in an attempt to hear spirits.

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